Casual Business Meeting



A one day

Introduction to The WELL Standard


GBCI: #0920015317 (8. 0)    

AIA:  #18WEL8IN (8.0)    

DCEC: Approved (8.0)

This full-day workshop is the definitive introduction to WELL. Participants will build on introductory topics, such as the organization and development of the WELL Building Standard, to intermediate topics, which outline key process within WELL Certification.

Key public health research is discussed to provide a basis for the seven WELL Concepts, and project support tools and resources are outlined.


The process for developing Alternative Adherence Paths are presented in the context of a scenario, as well as procedures for seeking equivalencies, using Crosswalks, and developing innovations.

Finally, preconditions are presented in the context of a project scenario, and a breakout activity which utilizes expert groups and a project checklist allows participants to consolidate their learning.


Part 1

WELL 101:

1.1 To Be WELL: An Introduction

1.2 Buildings as Preventative Care

1.3 The Value of WELL

1.4 Seven WELL Concepts

Part 2

WELL Certification in Context:

2.1 WELL Certification Process

2.2 Alternative Adherence Paths

2.3 Equivalencies

2.4 Innovations

Part 3

WELL Features in Context

3.1 Preview: Breakout Activity

3.2 - 3.5 Preconditions

3.6  Breakout Activity: Project Scenario

Learning Objectives

Describe the structure of the WELL Building Standard, including the certification process and the key differentiators.

Explain the intent of each WELL Concept and identify key public health issues which underpin them.

Outline how to leverage the extensive resources and citations within the WELL Building Standard to demonstrate the value of WELL Certification

Outline verification documentation required for Feature 41, Hand Washing of the WELL Building Standard v1.

List the shading solutions and design elements that meet the requirements for Part 2: Daylight.

Management of Feature 56, Solar Glare Control of the WELL Building Standard v1.

Explain biophilia and how biophilic design elements can be incorporated into building design as part of Feature 88, Biophilia I – Qualitative of the WELL Building Standard v1.