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Welcome to the WELL AP Learning Journey

The WELL Building Standard is part of the solution to improving mental and physical wellbeing, by creating spaces for people in a different way.  TheAcademy delivers WELL orientation, onboarding and leadership coaching to the design and specification community. We help to access the wellbeing economy and scale up the healthy building movement through people planet design. 

WELL is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally.

Registered offices, buildings and other spaces leverage WELL’s flexible framework for improving health and human experience through design.

The global community of WELL APs are leading the movement to make buildings healthier for all. As a WELL AP, you’ll gain expertise in the WELL Building Standard and advance your career in the trillion dollar wellness industry.

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Re-designing the future of workplaces

What will enable a post COVID-19 return to the workplace, and how will it work? What are the new rules for designing spaces that work for people planet and profit? 

A scaled-up redesign of the built environment is underway. Now is the time to be part of the solution and get to know how you can make a difference to WELL projects. 

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Discover the WELL Building Standard

WELL 101:  Discover the detail behind the standard and start connecting with WELL projects. Team learning or one to one coaching that covers everything you need to know about supplying a WELL project.

WELL Exam Preparation:  The pathway to the WELL AP exam. Prepare to take the next step in the WELL learning journey, with exam preparation from a qualified WELL Faculty member. Fast track learning to join the global WELL AP movement.


Engagement: Congratulations, you are now a WELL Standard master. Now get out there and start engaging with the wellbeing economy. We can help with that too. Bespoke engagement strategies to help you make the right connections.



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Begin your WELL AP  learning journey with us . . . 

If you have group requirements, or would like to book one to one academy courses, we can arrange an in-house session and we will come to you. In house coaching material can be customised by up to 20% to cover bespoke topics and structured to meet the learning needs of your people. 

Follow the bicycle to view the WELL 101  and WELL AP EXAM PREP course content.

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